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Oh my a Gallery!

I live in a lovely village in England called Queen Camel which has a plethora of history and I have to say plenty of community spirit. I have only lived here for just over 3 years but what they have achieved in that time alone as a village community is impressive.

So more recently the village, having had a new school built 'just over three years ago' decided they would like to purchase the old one and turn it into a centre for community businesses and services. Obviously with such a purchase their would be objections, and so it was, for people have concerns and in a democratic society they should be able to voice them. However, after much hard work, consultations and a little borrowing and donations they managed to purchase it. The original school building is shown above.

So let me cut a long story short - a core of volunteers and some management has seen the school transformed, though much more work is planned yet. I decided I would like to open a gallery there, to hopefully assist in supporting what I will believe will be a super project success, stimulating much interest from the surrounding villages and towns.

Having finally taken on the space, the painting and sorting of the gallery is taking shape. So watch this space for the follow up which should be in the next few weeks.

By the way if you would like to take a look at what is happening to 'The Old School' check out their website here

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