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A Year of Turmoil 2020

Obviously one never knows what is around the corner, and I am certain, like myself you have informed family or friends of such, especially when a period appears so turbulent. My year started with the taking on of a Gallery, so decorating, and equipping was foremost on my list of priorities. January passed and most of February before the Gallery finally took shape. Then I heard about Covid, was this truly as serious as it appeared? apparently so as within a matter of weeks we underwent a Lockdown which lasted almost two months. Then a call from our family in France, where we have two beautiful grandchildren, thrust upon us a decision which had urgency about it.

A move to France needed to be considered before the Brexit deadline hit on Dec 31st 2020! Why, you might be asking, well simply put, while we are still part of Europe the move would be fairly straightforward, post Brexit, it would be more complicated and more bureaucratic. Fortunately, a window opened allowing us to travel in July and for two weeks we considered and discussed the pro's and con's with family and friends. It was not an easy decision for where we lived was just wonderful, and that made it all the more difficult. In the end, age, medical reasons and the pull of the grandchildren made the decision for us, we were to move to France before the end of the year.

More to come : )

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