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Pain of Loss Tehya 2005-2020

The pain I felt on loosing Tehya was indescribable, so how does one overcome such a loss.

For me I turn to both the Arts and Poetry. I look for a release of pain which will allow me to try and fill the gap in my heart from her loss with incredible memories of love.

I will write a number of poems that will help me deal with all areas of her loss x

The first one allows me to release the moment I had to let her go

'Sleep my Girl'

I kneel beside you

Your head in my lap

Kissing your face

My hand on your heart

Softly she beats

And suddenly stops

No more movement

No more pain

My tears flow

Like a stream

My Heart breaks

Rest my beautiful Tehya

For you have been

Such a light In my life

I hope for those who have animals and have such a connection you can find peace within.

Take care my Friends

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