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The Gallery that Wasn't

I mentioned earlier in a post that in January of 2020 I took on an area to become my gallery. After much work and spending both by myself and the owners, said gallery was ready. Late February, early March I started placing Artworks on the wall and sculptures on Plinths, I had waited many years for the opportunity to realise this dream and here it was - or was it.

Covid had hit and a latish March lockdown was in place, the Gallery did not even open, it laid quietly closed, the Artwork decorating walls but no eyes to view them, the vibrant colours begging to be appreciated but to remain blank in their ability to create an emotional response and so gain any form of comment.

With the decision to move to France I suddenly found that my dream was not to be realised this time around and so I must move forward with a positive mindset for there is much in my life I wish to achieve.

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