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My take on Art

Where does one begin, so many forms, so many opinions and many many experts and critics. The beauty of art is it allows a freedom to express whether that is in displaying one's incredible skills at portraiture or landscape or in my case to create from emotions collected over a lifetime.

I am in no way going to drag this out or make it complicated for Art in all its forms requires the individual viewing, to explore a work, which requires one to look, question and try to understand it. The difficulty I feel is in the time spent on any artwork one views, many already have preconceived ideas and so there will be Artwork they instantly feel a dislike toward and others they will feel drawn to.

I little advice if one would like to accept it, try to understand a little of the Artist, examine an Artwork with an understanding of how it evolved, and if you are able to and the Artist is available, discuss the Artwork with them. It will open up your mind, enable you feel a little of what they have put into the work itself and will allow you to form a true opinion of why you like or dislike its story.

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