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Injury OMG

So for me 2019 finished much as it had started, with a challenge which required a serious decision. On the 30th December I was moving a bench when it slipped and I reached to grab it, what I heard was a sound like tearing paper, what a felt was a blow like sensation around my right elbow area. As a retired Sports Consultant I knew instantly what I had done and within 30 minutes arrived home and iced the area. I made an appointment with my GP and he kindly referred me to a consultant for confirmation of a tendon rupture to the short bicep. 3 x consultant visits, 1 x Ultrasound Scan and then an Mri Scan the rupture of the distal tendon was confirmed. I would like to say the NHS were brilliant if not overloaded with work.

So what were my options ?

Option 1 - have an operation within 4 days to re attach then tendon

Immobile for 4 to 6 weeks then careful rehab for approximately 3 months.

Potential problems 'very small possibility' Pins and needles in the forearm, this would last about 4 to 8 weeks, but if things did not quite go according to plan could remain for much longer!!!

Also a possibility nerve damage so numbness to the forearm with a worse case scenario of floppy wrist causing problems with use of the hand. Now I need to add that these were remote

but they still could happen.

Option 2

Do nothing - this would cause loss of endurance in supination, a movement used when using a screwdriver and then a slight deformity in the bicep, normal strength should return to flexion at the elbow.

The slightly deformed bicep when the indentation due to the ruptured tendon can be clearly seen.


For me personally this was a complete no brainer. Even with a very remote chance of loosing mobility in my right wrist/hand, this was not a chance I was willing to take, for it would effect my work and my future. Besides a slightly deformed bicep at my age, and the loss of supination endurance was not in my consideration a mind blowing loss of mobility or beauty 'haha' to loose.

So the decision was no op, minor repercussions and less inconvenience.

It is always a personal decision when one is confronted with operations of any type, but it is worth doing a little research and giving yourself a little time to think and reflect, that is of course one is given time to make such decisions.

Enjoy your day my Friends. - Chris ..

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