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Covid 19 !!!

For many there is no doubt this virus will take loved ones, disrupt life and create serious economic destruction. So are there any positives to be seen or experienced? We, through illness, accidents and the taking of life by others will experience loss of loved ones daily, Covid 19 is yet another added to a long list of life threatening issues. But Covid 19 has created a different circumstance, it has brought the peoples of Nations together in a way not experienced for many decades.

If you are looking for light in this darkness, think on these things, the virus has brought the best out of many people, has brought many families closer together, has increased the respect for the emergency services and made supply chains consider there waste and efficiency. Nature has benefitted tenfold, with species venturing out and about like never before, nesting grounds of birds filling up for there is no disturbance from people, the air quality around the world has vastly improved and I am certain we will discover so many more positives as time goes on.

Maybe like myself this is turning out to be a period whereby I review, reflect, and make changes to the habits which govern my life

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