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Coming Together for our Planet

It amazes me that we can have such differences in opinion when it comes to such an important subject. Climate Change is happening of that there is absolutely no doubt, the disagreement is on what is causing it! I see the argument put forward as to why we are the primary cause, and then the argument as to why we are not. For me the fact that it is happening is what is important, the cause is also well known and well understood, however, the blame for the cause is an altogether different fight. My own opinion is we are most definitely part of the problem but the focus whether or not we are totally to blame should come second to what is it that we might be able to do to lessen the impact, after all, how long will we survive if we do nothing at all.

Greta Thunberg, is a young lady of immense passion for a planet she believes is our responsibility to save and care for and I for one admire and respect her tenacity. The fact that she has reprimanded world leaders for their strong words and little action due to the focus on wealth rings completely true, and the fact that she said it makes me incredibly envious and somewhat ashamed that many of us before her have done little to change things.

Some powerful men such as Trump and Putin have treated her like a child, made fun of her, criticized and blamed others for her passion, these are the very same leaders that manipulate people, who openly mislead and have in my eyes been racist. But if they think she is so pathetic why do they voice an opinion at all? I believe because their love of power and belief that they are godlike demands they respond and also the fact that she has hit a tender spot with them both. People in power rarely appreciate being challenged and I have learnt through history, few have the ability to listen and compromise, generally there is one opinion and everyone else should tow the line and believe they are right.

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