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Brexit Result

So it is happening the UK will be departing the EU at the end of January 2020 and whilst many see a bright future ahead, many feel the divorce has been unwanted. In my previous blog article I suggested that such a decision to allow the public to vote on this divorce was probably naïve, but it is done and there is no turning back.

What I think is also disconcerting is that this for me was the first time that I actually did not want to vote, for neither main party had earned any respect and were basically misleading the public in so many ways and the nearest third part the Liberal Democrats had a main policy which was in truth undemocratic - Their wish to pull article 50 stopping Brexit with no concern for the majority who had voted for it, was both disrespectful and arrogant and this alone ensured their complete failure to perform well, and so miss a golden opportunity to shine.

So what now? that is a very interesting question, for by choosing to leave the EU we have now managed to completely alienate Scotland and Northern Ireland who voted as countries to stay in the EU. No one can be sure that if given the opportunity they will decide to go it alone and separate from the United Kingdom which will bring enormous headaches both economically and for our Nations security. We will look back at a Nation that was only 100+ years ago, a formidable Empire become much reduced in Power and Respect!! but is that a bad thing?

As I understand through written history all Empires have evolved through the exploitation and suffering of others so for and Empire to crumble would be viewed by the majority as a good thing. So maybe this turnabout will bring positive change, bring reflection and allow us to build a more caring and honest society, but what is for certain, there is going to be some difficult times, some pain which will be made even greater if we do not let go of the past and all focus on the future.

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