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Brexit Hell

I hear and I have to emphasize it is hearsay that we now have a Brexit illness based around the mental stresses created by this insane situation we now find ourselves in. So who do we blame for such a mess, well like everyone I have my own opinions.

David Cameron for his own reasons made this one of his challenges, but I believe he had no idea it would go the way of leaving, but I am running ahead of myself. So let us start with what he attempted to do and the errors I believe the EU made on his behalf.

So David arrives in Brussels with a request to make a few changes to enable the UK to control a little of the numbers arriving in the UK from Europe, after all, so many of our main infrastructures were starting to break down, such as, the NHS, Transportation, Schools, Housing but to name a few. Basically they as I see it absolutely refused to budge, which in my mind displays arrogance and an inability to recognise a country in crisis. So unable to bring back any supportive help from them, the vote would go ahead.

Leading up to the vote the Leave campaign has been accused of lying, or at best misleading, but in truth I believe both sides manipulated the truth to their own benefit. With the result in there has been nothing but friction on both sides, but those wishing to remain have voiced their displeasure at the result the loudest and fought back using the courts and campaigns to overturn it. So one questions democracy and its respect, should we question the outcome, is it right and democratic to seek to overturn the result?

We had a democratic vote, whether or not people believe the information provided by each side was truthful or not is incredibly relevant to have allowed an informed vote to take place. But in truth little has been identified in the 3 years since the vote to prove one way or the other how much the voters were misled. However, the very same people who may have misled the nation have in my mind, made the Country look, as a whole, incompetent in all aspects of decision making, respect, and the democratic process. Our Politicians, again only my opinion, have behaved in a most childish and disrespectful way and in 3 years we find ourselves in a worse position than at any time I can remember.

I have never seen a group of people who have the responsibility of the Nation in their hands act more irresponsibly or embarrassingly but there you go!!! Now to an election - I wish you well on your vote and we shall see where we are in around 5weeks.

'Well that was a good rant hahahaha'

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