The Gallery 

Recently the village, that 'I consider myself fortunate  to live in', has purchased the old school located within the village. The site which contains some more recent buildings  includes a Grade II listed school house dating from 1870. Such a purchase raises many questions but ultimately I applaud their courage and tenacity to take on such a project. Many new businesses are already setting up within the premises and much hard work has already taken place to move the project further forward. 

I made a decison to set up my gallery there due to the location, parking facilities and the sheer enthusiasm with whom those involved continually display. All being well I hope it will open towards the end of October so please do revisit for an update.

Update 11 OCT 19 : Negotiations for the Gallery Room are still ongoing and I hope will be resolved in the next week or so - this has obviously  caused a delay in moving in - fingers crossed soon. 

Update 15 OCT 19 : Agreed in principle now awaiting the meeting of the board to say yes or no !!

Update 08 NOV 19 : So we have finally agreed the contract and with work in progress on the gallery I should be moving

in around the 1st of December : ) 

Update 21st Dec : My apologies for the delayed update but 2 weeks of flu and a week of sinusitis has not helped at all : ) However, as you may have gathered I did not manage to move into the gallery on the 1st of Decemeber, this was due to continued works on the Gallery itself. But I do take the area on as of the 1st of January so please continue to watch this space and thank you so much for your patience. Have an Incredible Christmas and New Year  x

Meanwhile you will soon see the Artworks that are available for Purchase on the pages which pertain to them, ie Acrylic on the Acrylic page. Thank you for your patience. 

Please take a visit to their site :