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Through My Eyes

I am really not sure it this is a good idea, or even whether it will be worth it? I tried blogging possibly as long ago as 15yrs when I was a Sports Consultant but it really didn't take off, and maybe this experience will be the same, we shall see.

I will be adding my personal view on not just my Art but the World through my eyes and not just the Art world. So what next?

This artwork has been created in wax - more about that another day - If you have a moment take a little time and let me know how it makes you feel. - Thank you
Autumn Burst

I am not going to burst into who I am other than to say I have been an artist for 7+ years and my artwork is driven my emotional state based on experiences and the world around me.

So what does that mean? Well rather than portraying anger in the form of an angry face or violence I use colours, shapes, and movement - so take a look at some of my Artwork and see for yourself.

Some artwork is obvious in its appearance, such as, portraits, landscapes etc, however, the more obscure work it sometimes difficult to grasp in its form of meaning. So I have but one recommendation for those looking at Artwork which may fall into this category - rather than looking for an answer as to what it is, take a little time and see how it makes you feel. For my work this is key and for those who collect my Artwork it is that personal connection that

enables an emotional journey to occur.

So that is my first post complete and tomorrow is a new day and that in my eyes holds new adventures and discoveries.

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