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How I see the world through my eyes has me questioning the ethics with which we live by. My poetry purely illustrates a single view 'my own' but I hope it will make others contemplate what is happening around them.


One day I hope to publish them, but whether anyone will read them is always a question in the back of my mind.



The Earth shedding tears is so plain to see,

The ice cracks and crumbles the water now free

Such beautiful colours those greens, whites and blues,

Creating all patterns and such gentle hues

But is this destruction, on a scale never seen,

And who is to blame if blame there has been

Has the Earth cried before in her long history

Are we pushing and pushing our own chemistry

Of poisons and greed for we feel the right,

That this is our planet, ignoring her plight

A change is upon us, as many proceed

To question our leaders of the destruction and speed

Which we are amassing in the blink of an eye

The importance of balance, and yes we must try

For a future for all lies well within reach

To work with each other, our children to teach

The values of living and sharing a world,

Containing such beauty its heart like a pearl

Developed so slowly near perfect in time

Corruption of beauty is naught but a crime

So no more excuses more effort for change

Working together we need to arrange

New hi tech solutions be put in the place

Of old tech pollution, let’s pick up the pace

Time is ticking and we need to act

Understanding and planning, let’s work to the facts

For so many species depend on just one

So where there’s destruction let’s work toward none.


Copyright – Chris Edon 2017




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