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Funny but sometimes - 'even I do not know who I am!' 

Oh my word, so this is the part where I tell you about my incredible qualifications, such as my Art degree and years of study, well actually no that is not me at all. Any training I have taken has been with other Artists, Sculptor's or as I like to call them, those with a creative soul and to be honest if you look inside yourself, we all have that ability.


So who am  I and what am I about? I love to produce Art that creates feeling, that moves a person, my artwork develops through the emotions that run within me and I allow the artwork to dictate its direction. I never attempt to box my artwork into any particular art genre, basically it is what it is, a representation of life and the emotions that drive me.


Working in many different types of materials allows me the ability to express my emotional creativity fully and my poetry allows me to express with words, so I am truly blessed.

I have always loved art, but my early years saw me like so many, working to live and now I live to work for my work is my love and without it I cannot exist.

I have already voiced my path of learning which has allowed me to immerse myself both in the Arts and in those who have had the patience to educate me in the ways of creating. But I will tell you now, no one can teach you how to be emotional, you have to allow yourself to feel those emotions that lie deep within  and express that feeling through your work. One of the magic gifts of life is having the freedom to express yourself and allowing yourself to feel what many hide from.

I am also self taught for there is a great deal to learn from making mistakes which I feel are part of the building blocks of life.

  LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE - International Emerging Artist of the Year Award • Luxembourg Art Prize

Official certificate

The Museum issues a certificate of artistic merit for the year of participation to all artists who distinguished themselves from a qualitative perspective, whether or not they are finalists.

The objective of the certificate is to provide official recognition from the Museum to artist participants whose merit and artistic talent have been specifically noted

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